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Welcome to the Ahava & Shalom blog. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our site and wish you much Love & Peace in your day. As you read on the first page Ahava is the Hebrew word for Love, but not just “our” version of love but a deeper way of giving and sharing in our relationships. Every relationship requires love and giving, whether it’s towards friends and extended families, between spouses, between parents and children and even towards our working relationships. Our bosses probably don’t require that we “love” them but they probably would want us to “love” our jobs. But being realistic even if you don’t “love” your job, you need to “give” towards this relationship: you’re going to give them a “week-worth” of work and they give you a paycheck. In my view, in order for us to give readily in all the various types of relationships we have and encounter on a daily basis, we need to have some peace, sometimes “a lot” of peace. Peace within ourselves and peace with the people around us. Next time I will share more about this topic. Again thank you for visiting and may you have lots of Ahava & Shalom in your day.

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