What is a family counselor?

The family counselor plays the role of guiding the family and each individual in various ways.

In counseling the aid it is not intended to give “advice“, but in the ability to focus on a problem with questions, so that the person in a process of reflection occurs to the problem causing the crisis. It is a process through which a person, couple or family group is helped to make decisions about a situation that produces an alteration of family dynamics, so that this is taken from a voluntary and informed. The aim is mainly to promote the autonomy of individuals regarding their social environment, professional and cultural, provide tools to the individual, couple or family group so that they can deal with situations that cause changes in family dynamics. To achieve this the main strategy used counseling is dialogue / communication, prayer / reading scriptures mutual.

FEATURES family counselor.

  • Defender: family counselor defends the family as a fundamental human and social development institution, recognizing its value as that of each of its members, with actions to shield her from situations that threaten their rights and seeking, stability, strength and the independent exercise of their functions.
  • Promote: in his work is Aboca to achieve the good of the family and each of its members, recognizes and promotes the family as a community of inner life whose structure of relations based on unconditional love for its members is essential for the balance and wholeness of the person, which enhances its value and seeks its fundamental besieged in society.
  • Prevention: Perform actions to prevent situations that could adversely affect the family and its members, directing possible conflicts that arise in family life, and the consequences of psychosocial problems and the impact of this on the person, family, and society dynamics. The preventive function is performed through educational techniques aimed at the community, household or its members.
  • Counsel: guide the family and its members towards the development and fulfillment, assisting her in the normal growth and finding solutions to their problems freely and responsibly; in addition to direct it in relation to actions and intervention programs related to their concrete reality.
  • Educate: working with the family to exercise its role positively as the first responsible for the education of their children, especially in the area of ÔÇïÔÇïformation of moral values ÔÇïÔÇïand virtues. Delivery knowledge, skills and develop strategies so that the family and its members face their stages, processes and challenges appropriately; in addition to actions to educate the community about the value of the family and of the human person and necessary protection.
  • Training: can empower family, parents and their members to assume and exercise in its positive and effective role with regard to achieving the fullness of themselves and others; through the organization of workshops, Schools and parents, family gatherings, adolescents, etc.
  • Research: research in their professional work on those topics and issues of life own family history, detecting weaknesses and strengths of the family and propose concrete ways of development, family research challenges as other professionals.
  • Derive: on personal and family situation, the guides and when absolutely necessary, referrals to other specialists or organizations in a timely manner.
  • Coordinate: the family counselor guides and directs the development process of the family or any of its members to its well been assisting in the resolution of their situation and problems, so it is responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating, intervening in the process, showing possible paths and encouraging decisions in a timely and effective manner.

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