4 Ways to Deal with the “September Scaries”

Unless you’re an extreme pumpkin spice latte enthusiast and all-around summer hater, you’ve probably experienced the “September Scaries.”

Unlike the Sunday Scaries, which roll in every week around 7 p.m. on Sunday, September Scaries hit (thankfully) only once a year as fall draws near. There’s just something about September that feels daunting and draining. This exact sentiment may have led to a Grammy for Greenday, whose song “Wake Me Up When September Ends” appeared on their award-winning album.

September Scaries are especially real for those who are still in school, returning to the world of homework and research papers. But, adults who work all year round aren’t immune to the September Scaries.

Even at full time office jobs, summer feels a little more easy going than fall. Maybe you’re lucky enough to get summer Fridays, or maybe people in your office are just more likely to spring for a three day weekend. When the summer state of mind is in full swing, things seem to be more lax.

However, summer doesn’t last forever, and things start to feel a whole lot different as summer’s ending.

Coping with September Scaries

Before the September Scaries get you completely down, follow these 4 tips for coping.

1. Remember the Positives of Fall

Think about fall things that make you happy. Apple picking, spiked cider, pumpkin pie, less sweaty commutes, elaborate Halloween costume planning, thinking about your dogs rolling around in fallen autumn leaves — whatever gets you feeling excited.

You can even make a September bucket list full of simple little things you’d like to do, see, eat, and drink. Then, use that excitement to counteract the dread you feel about August’s end.

2. Plan Something to Look Forward to

This is another method to counteract your dread with excitement! Planning something fun for the end of month can give you something to feel enthusiastic about, even for a time that you’re feeling less than enthused about. If you’re feeling down, you can get a lift thinking about what you’ve planned and how fun it will be.

This can be anything from a big night out with your friends to an intimate dinner party to a long weekend getaway. Options are endless, even without summer weather and beaches.

3. Use the Time of Change to Your Advantage

September is a transitional time. Maybe this is your excuse to try out a new haircut, dye your hair a different color, or treat yourself to a couple new pieces for your wardrobe (because, you know, no white allowed after Labor Day). Hey, if school supply shopping was one of the only things you enjoyed about going back to school way back when, you can even buy yourself some new desk supplies for your office.

Of course, keep reminding yourself that change can be a good thing — and it certainly doesn’t always have to be scary. Plus, you’ve already survived past Septembers. You got this!

4. Indulge in Extra Self-Care

Finally, allow yourself to feel whatever emotions you’re feeling. Suppressing your feelings won’t help. Confide in a trusted friend or family member, and you may find out that they’re feeling the exact same way you are.

You can journal to put your thoughts on paper, keep track of your moods, write down things you’re grateful for, and everything in between. Take extra long baths, meditate, work on some mantras, get your exercise fix, whatever stress-reducing self-care methods works best for you. Your body and soul need that extra TLC.

In the End, It’s Simply Another Month

Follow these tips and you’ll be a pro at fighting the September scaries. Remember, you’ve made it through these scaries before! Oftentimes, the things we dread end up being nowhere near as bad as we thought they’d be. You’ve made it through September before, and you can make it through again.

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