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AHAVA is the Hebrew word for LOVE

Sometimes used in English very sparingly and to describe the love we have for many different people or objects (we love our car, ice cream, children, etc). In Hebrew the word Ahava has a special meaning. The word is divided into parts that mean -to give-, -I give and love-. Love is Giving. The more we give, the more love we share. In the process of giving and sharing love, we grow to trust and be more connected and committed. The art of giving ourselves sustains love and our relationships. We cannot have true relationships without mutual giving.

In order to share love and/or peace, we first need to have love and peace as part of our being. We must possess them in our heart and mind. Even if these concepts seem far away or even impossible when in the middle of difficult situations working together, we will begin on this path and soon you will be living a happier life filled with

SHALOM is the Hebrew word for PEACE

It is derived from a root denoting wholeness or completeness. Hebrew words go beyond their spoken pronunciation; they convey feeling, intent and emotion. Shalom is a feeling of contentment, well-being and harmony. When used to say Hello or Goodbye it is a desire or blessing saying -I wish you be complete and whole in all areas of your life-. In many aspects of Jewish literature it is attached to the notion of shelemut, perfection. Its significance is thus not limited to the absence of strife or quarrel but to a greater sphere of welfare and total accomplishment.

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